Content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

Search Engines (for example Google) use “bots” to crawl round the internet indexing content.  SEO in its most basic form is ensuring that your website is easily discoverable and readable to these technologies.  All our websites do this as standard and if people are looking specifically for you they should find you.  However true SEO goes far beyond this.  This is identifying key words people will use to find you, and ensuring your website content matches.  For example, if a patient searches “dentist in my area” will you still come at the top of the search?

SEO employs a range of techniques to ensure that your site is found by people not just looking for you, but for the services that you offer.

Content and SEO

It’s not just the key word content on your website that’s important, it’s the quality of that content.  How does Google know if you’re content is good?  Essentially Google knows your content is relevant and good quality if lots of people visit it, link to it, and write about it.  It’s not good enough just to post an uninteresting article once a week – your content must be engaging.
We utilise the services of professional and competent content creators to ensure your content is both relevant and engaging.  Your sphere of practice, location, and number of patients you want to attract will all have an effect on how much optimisation you need.

SSL Certificates included as standard

A must-have for any serious website owner

An SSL certificate not only signals trust and authority to your website visitors, it also helps protect them when browsing your website. It prevents data interception and shows your business has been validated, ensuring complete peace of mind for your visitors.

Search engines such as Google have openly stated that they view an SSL certificate as a mark of trust and that having one can directly improve your search engine rankings.

Furthermore, research has shown that a valid SSL certificate reduces abandoned baskets, increases sales, and makes people more confident about shopping with you. It’s a must-have when you’re selling online.

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